SDCC 14 - Lana talking about Robin Hood

We can’t leave, they won’t let us.

They say the war was terrible. That the rest of the world was destroyed. Our founders built the wall to keep us safe, and they divided us into five groups - factions - to keep the peace.

Kate talking about working with Shailene


I think the number one thing that I find important is the importance of honesty with your friends and your parents, if you can be.”


Pre-teen Regina probably made lots of pasta. And lasagna. Lots of lasagna.

Saoirse Ronan in The Grand Budapest Hotel

The ‘Arrow’ Cast at EW Hideout Comic-Con 2014 (x)

The Storm (George Plantagenet)


Maisie Williams attends the Game of Thrones autograph signing at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. [x]